Welcome to my website. I am a faculty member at Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica (IEAS). More information about me can be found on this website and my  CV

Research Interests
Public Economics and Applied Econometrics

Contact Information
Email: ttyang@econ.sinica.edu.tw

Recent Working Papers and Publications

Pure Windfall Gain and Stock Market Participation: Evidence from Administrative Data (with Tzu-Chang Forrest Cheng, Hsuan-Hua Huang, Tse-Chun Lin, and Jian-Da Zhu), Under Review

Curriculum and National Identity: Evidence from the 1997 Curriculum Reform in Taiwan (with Wei-Lin Chen and Ming-Jen Lin), Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Development Economics

Measuring Voluntary Responses in Healthcare Utilization During and After COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Taiwan (with Yung-Yu Tsai),  PLoS ONE, forthcoming, 2022

Demand for Transportation and Spatial Pattern of Economic Activity during the Pandemic: Evidence from Taiwan, (with Kong-Pin Chen and Jui-Chung Yang),  Journal of Urban Economics, forthcoming, 2022

The Welfare Effects of Extending Unemployment Benefits: Evidence from Re-­employment and Unemployment Transfers (with Po-Chun Huang), Journal of Public Economics, 202, 104500, 2021

Patient Cost-Sharing and Health Care Utilization in Early Childhood: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design, (with Hsing-Wen Han and Hsien-Ming Lien), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 12(3) 238-278, 2020

Family Labor Supply and the Timing of Cash Transfers: Evidence from the Earned Income Tax Credit (Online Appendix),  Journal of Human Resources, 53(2) 445-473, 2018

The Effect of Workplace Pensions on Household Saving: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Taiwan,  Journal of Risk and Insurance, 87(1) 173-194, 2020

臺灣財富分配2004–2014: 以個人財產登錄資料推估 (與曾中信、連賢明、韓幸紋與羅光達), 經濟論文叢刊, 即將刊登, 2020

經濟成長、薪資停滯?初探台灣實質薪資與勞動生產力成長脫勾之成因, (與林依伶), 經濟論文, 46(2) 263-322, 2018