Data Sources

This page introduces a variety of datasets from many sources. I list them in order:

  1. Micro data: survey or administrative data sets on individuals (households)
  2. Macro data: aggregate level data on countries (states, county)

Mirco Data


United States

Harmonized data on people in the U.S. census and American Community Survey, from 1850 to the present.

The most important labor force survey in the United States. Besides labor supply questions, CPS also surveys individuals about specific topics on the regular basis: health, internet use, etc. Harmonized data on people in the Current Population Survey, every March from 1962 to the present.

PSID began in 1968 with a nationally representative sample of over 18,000 individuals living in 5,000 families in the United States. Information on these individuals and their descendants has been collected continuously, including data covering employment, income, wealth, expenditures, health, marriage, childbearing, child development, philanthropy, education, and numerous other topics.

Other Developed Countries

Other Developing Countries

Macro Data