6/28 Term Paper Workshop Program (NTU)

  1. 陳立欣
    • The Effect of Female Political Participation on Gender Role Recognition
  2. 蕭宇評
    • Does Birth Order Really Affects Who We Are?
  3. 鄭伃君
    • The Effect of Employees’ Compensation on Mobility
  4. 張伊茹
    • The Minimum Wage Impact on Employment in Taiwan
  5. Hsiao-Yu Chen
    • Does the National Health Insurance Payment Standard Change Improve Nurse-Patient Ratio?
  6. 王瑞樺
    • Does Childbirth Subsidy Work in Taiwan?
  7. Liangcheng Chen
    • Impact of Tenure Check or WCU on Publication
  8. Corinna Hahme
    • Causal Relationship between the Performance of German Company and the Percentage of Women in Leading Position
  9. 黃元裕
    • Does Terry Gou Hurt Twinhead’s Stock Price?
  10. 羅宇志
    • The effect of High-Speed Rail on Regional Development in Taiwan
  11. 蔡孟燐
    • The Effect of ZezeBei on Domestic Crowdfunding Platforms
  12. Lin Yen Chun
    • Whether legislators’ Class/economic Background Affect Their Career Decision?
  13. 古裕彥
    • The Causal Relationship among Corporate investment, financing, and dividend polices in the Taiwan’s financial holding companies industry
  14. 蔡俊逵
    • How Summer Vacation Affect Parents’ Foreign Travel?
  15. 歐陽志昇
    • The relationship between housing prices and Consolidated Housing and Land Taxation —Taking Taipei City for example
  16. 陳原峻
    • Does Moving to a More Suitable Place for Children’s Education Affects Education Level?
  17. 吳振寧
    • The Effects of Judge’s Gender on Child Custody Decision