6/28 Term Paper Workshop Program (NCCU)

  1. Lenka Pomykalova
    • The Effect of Euro Adoption on Slovak Republic’s GDP per capita
  2. Nguyen Huu Ha Dan
    • Assessing the Effects of Public Spending on Human Development Index (HDI)
  3. Matthias Roggmann
    • Effects of implementing general minimum wage in Germany on wages and  working  hour
  4. Anxuan Xie
    • Audit Partner Tenure and the Timeliness of Misstatement
  5. 俞錚
    • The Impact of Land Control on the Agriculture Land Prices: Evidence from Taiwan
  6. Laura Montes
    • Mexico’s Drugs War: The impact of Narcotrac Violence on Economic Growth
  7. Kevin McCoy
    • Compulsory Education and Political Participation in Taiwan
  8. 陳俊佑
    • The Impact of R&D Subsidies on Firm Profitability
  9. Moritz Gomm
    • Did Joining the European Union Enhance Countries‘ Emancipative Values?
  10. Chen-Hsuan Liao
    • Does Compulsory Military Service Influence Crime Rate? Evidence from Taiwan